Where Are You Based?
After more than ten years in London, we have now returned to Aberdeen, but still manage/advise bands from all over the country.
How Should We Submit Material?
Songs should be sent on cd. No more than three tracks. Also include a photo and brief biog. We do not accept music via email (unless requested) and we do not open email attachments. However, please feel free to direct us to a website where sound clips can be accessed. Our mail address can be found via the Contact link.

How Many Bands Do You Take On?
Very few. Maybe one or two a year. It’s a tough business. Even the major record labels sign only a handful acts each year. As a management company, we only take on acts if we are convinced that we can get them a record deal. However, if we believe you have potential, we may be prepared to get involved at an early stage to help develop your act.

Will I Get Any Feedback On My Demo?
Yes. All demos are listened to and we promise a response via email within 7 days.
What Happens If You Think You’re The Next Big Thing?
We’ll contact you and arrange to come to a rehearsal or gig.
What Are You Looking For?
Originality, amazing songs, stage presence … and that magical ‘x’ factor.